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Sell My Junk Car

Has your car seen better days? Was it totaled in an accident? Rather than parting it out yourself or haggling with another buyer, why not sell it to a reputable salvage yard? Here’s why selling your junk car to RAW Auto Parts, Inc. is the best option.

Cash With No Hassle

The biggest advantage of selling to us is the immediacy and simplicity of the transaction. Selling it to a private buyer involves negotiating prices, advertising it, and fielding phone calls or text messages. Working with us is a quick, stress-free, and straightforward process.

No Need for Repairs

Selling a car on your own often means making it as attractive as possible to a potential buyer. This could involve getting the car running if it’s not, cleaning it, or anything else the buyer wants. If your car is 10 years or older, we’ll take your car as is. With or without a title, running or not, no keys, no problem.

Avoid Complicated Logistics

Selling a junk car yourself or parting it out means you having to deal with logistical challenges, like dismantling and storing parts, which requires time and storage space. Selling to RAW Auto Parts makes these logistical problems disappear.

Sell your old car in Winter Haven & Lakeland, FL

Easy Legal Compliance

Handling paperwork for selling a car can be a nightmare. Our experts know all the requirements for transferring ownership and ensure all the paperwork is completed correctly. This saves you significant time and possible headaches.
RAW Auto Parts is a well-known, trusted used car parts and auto salvage company in Auburndale, Florida. We buy junk cars, SUVs, and trucks, making the process easy and fast for you.

Florida Law Allows 3 Sale

Florida Law allows an individual to sell (3) three vehicles a year without a Dealer’s License. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who do the opposite and purchase and sell vehicles on a regular basis WITHOUT A LICENSE!

We recommend looking up the name of any company or individual that you are considering doing business with (selling your vehicle to) on SUNBIZ.ORG to verify that they are operating within the Local and State laws by having their business registered and licensed.

Selling a Junk Car in Florida

If your vehicle has reached the end of the road or has been totaled in an accident or has mechanical failure, you might consider selling it to a reputable salvage yard like RAW Auto Parts Inc. in Auburndale, FL.

Whether you want to sell your junk car in Auburndale, Florida, or need a high-quality used car part, call RAW Auto Inc. at (863) 875-7518 or visit us at 805 Old Winter Haven Rd, Auburndale, FL, ¡Se habla español!

Sell your damaged car in Auburndale & Davenport, FL