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Used Auto Parts in Polk County, FL

Used auto parts and junk car sales in Polk County, FL

For all your auto parts needs, trust the local pros in Polk County, FL, at RAW Auto Parts. We’re a family-owned parts company and salvage yard that’s proudly served Polk County since 2019. Our high-quality used auto parts are thoroughly tested and inspected and are available at discount prices.

Used engines in Winter Haven FL & Haines City FLWe Have What You’re Looking For!

Engines, cylinder heads, distributors, turbo-superchargers, oil pans, cylinder blocks, timing covers, engine covers, valve covers, transmissions, transfer cases, shifters, transaxle housings, front-end assembly, front bumpers, left fenders, right fenders, grilles, hoods, doors, alternators, starter motors, heater motors, A/V equipment, air flow meters, fuel pumps, throttle body, carburetor, intake manifold, and more!

What to Consider When Buying Used Auto Parts

Many people are hesitant to buy used auto parts, but in most cases, it’s more cost-effective than purchasing new ones. However, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Compatibility: Ensure the part you’re considering is compatible with your vehicle. Check the part number, model, year, and make of your car. Compatibility is crucial to avoid wasting money on a part that doesn’t fit or function correctly with your vehicle.

Condition: Check the condition of the used part. Look for signs of wear, damage, or previous repairs, which can significantly affect the part’s longevity and performance. Asking for detailed photos or, ideally, inspecting the part in person at your local salvage yard can help assess its condition.

Warranty & Return Policy: Check if the seller offers any warranty or return policy. Even a short-term warranty or a return option can provide some assurance and protect your purchase if the part fails soon after installation.

Reputation of the Seller: Purchase from reputable sellers or established salvage yards. Reviews and ratings from other buyers can be helpful indicators of a seller’s reliability and the quality of their parts.

Buy From RAW Auto Parts

RAW Auto Parts in Polk County, FL, is the trusted local source for high-quality used auto parts. We stand behind everything we sell with a 181-day guarantee. Call (863) 875-7518 to speak to one of our knowledgeable pros! ¡Se habla español!