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Pickup, Cab & Chassis

Buying used pickup truck parts from a reputable auto parts seller is a smart, cost-effective way to keep your vehicle in shape. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing.

Auto body parts for pickup trucks in Polk County & Lake Wales, FLKnow the Specs

Before starting the search, understand what parts you need and their specifications. Check the vehicle’s manual or consult a professional mechanic for the exact part number or specs required. This can prevent you from buying an incompatible part.

Check the Part’s History

Check the history of the part you want to buy. This includes the mileage and the type of vehicle it came from. Parts from vehicles damaged in an accident could have hidden damage, while those from well-maintained trucks are typically more reliable.

Check for Wear & Damage

If the seller is local, ask to inspect the part for signs of excessive wear or damage. Look for cracks, rust, dents, or anything else that can affect performance or aesthetics.

Check Compatibility

Even if the part looks identical, it doesn’t always mean it will fit your vehicle. Verify the part’s compatibility with your specific make, model, and year. Some parts look similar but have slight differences.

Ask About a Warranty or Return Policy

Reputable sellers will provide a warranty or return policy on used parts. Buying from one of these dealers gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can get an exchange or refund if the part isn’t right or fails shortly after installation.

Check the Seller’s Reputation

Thankfully, social media and the internet make looking up a company’s reputation easy. Many low ratings or negative reviews should be a red flag.

Replacement rear auto body parts in Bartow & Winter Haven, FLOur Pickup / Cab / Chassis Parts

Whether you’re restoring a truck or need repairs, we have the parts you’re looking for. Call us if you need a Bed / Box, Lid Gate, Frame, Tailgate, Truck Cab, Engine Crossmember, Camper Shell, L I-Beam, R I-Beam, F Leaf Spring, R Leaf Spring, Latch / Lock, Back Glass Regulator, Bed Liner, Roll Bar, Trailer Hitch, Tailgate Hinge, LH Cab Corner, RH Cab Corner, Front Coil Spring, Rear Coil Spring, Misc. Pickup / Cab / Chassis, Pickup Box Front Panel, Pickup Box Floor Panel.

We have complete cab assemblies and individual parts.

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