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Used Car Parts In Haines City, FL

Used engines, transmissions and auto body parts in Haines City, FL

Raw Auto Parts is the go-to local supplier for high-quality used car parts in Haines City, FL, and the surrounding areas. We’re family-owned and operated, have a vast inventory of parts, and have a knowledgeable staff that can help you find what you need quickly.

Why Buy Used Car Parts From a Salvage Yard?

You might be hesitant to buy used car parts from a salvage yard, but they’re often a better choice than buying new ones, and here’s why.

Used dashboards, infotainment systems, wheels and more in Haines City, FL

Cost-Effectiveness: The most significant benefit of buying used parts from a salvage yard is the substantial cost savings. Used parts can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of their new counterparts. This is especially valuable for older cars where new parts may be more expensive due to scarcity or for individuals working on a tight budget. Salvage yards typically have a wide range of parts from various makes and models, offering considerable savings without compromising functionality.

Availability & Convenience: For older or discontinued car models, new parts may no longer be available. Salvage yards can be treasuring troves for these parts, offering a viable option to keep older vehicles running without the need for expensive custom-made components.

Quality & Warranty: Many people may think used parts are less reliable, but most reputable salvage yards inspect and test parts before selling them. Reliable salvage yards offer warranties or guarantees for peace of mind that the part will work and fit correctly.

We have a massive selection of high-quality used car parts, including: Used Alternators, Used Starters, Used Tires, Used Rims, Used Headlights, Used Tail Lights, Used Tailgates, Used Hoods, Used Doors, Used Transmissions, Used Engines, and more!

Plus, all of our auto parts come with a 181-day guarantee.

No matter what used car part you need, RAW Auto Parts has or can get it! We serve customers in Winter Haven, FL; Auburndale, FL; Lakeland, FL; Lake Wales, FL; Lake Alfred, FL; Bartow, FL; and Polk County.

Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable pros at (863) 875-7518¡Se habla español!