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Selling a Junk Car in Florida

In Florida, motor vehicles are titled and registered, which allows them to be ‘junked.’ To junk your title, you need to cancel it.

High quality used auto parts in Auburndale FL & Lake Wales FLTake the vehicle to an auto salvage yard and follow these steps:

  1. If the certificate of title is available, it must be handed over to the salvage dealer.
  2. Sign the ‘Transfer of Title by Seller’ section to transfer ownership to the salvage dealer.
  3. If the certificate of title is unavailable, complete form HSMV 82101 accurately. After receiving the duplicate certificate of title, proceed as described in step 1.
  4. The salvage yard will then junk the title.

NOTE: You can also surrender your license plate (registration) at this time.

To surrender your license plate and registration, you may go to:

  • A local Florida tax collector’s office,
  • License plate agency,
  • Local driver’s license office in person,
  • By mail – Direct Mail & Fast Title Services, 2900 Apalachee Parkway, A330, MS 72, Tallahassee, FL 32399.

If surrendering your license plate by mail, include a written statement specifying the reason for the surrender (e.g., junking vehicle, canceling insurance).

For the addresses of your local county tax collector office, check the government pages in your local phone book or visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website.

Vehicle Sales & Purchases

Florida law allows for any vehicle owner to sell their vehicle without a title if it is a minimum of 10 years or older. Selling your vehicle will require the VIN number of your vehicle, a valid I.D. or drivers license and your right thumb print. Note: This only allows for us to pay up to $1000.

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Beware of Online Companies

You might be tempted to make the process as fast as possible by using an online company like Peddle, Clunker Junker, and countless others because it appears more convenient. However, these companies are just Broker Companies that sell the car to Local Auto Salvage Yards like RAW Auto Parts. This means that they pay less than we would! They must buy low and sell to Used Auto Parts Dealers like us for a profit.

Skip the Hassle and Sell to Us!

If all the above sounds like a hassle, it’s because it is. You can skip all that and simplify the process by selling your junk vehicle to RAW Auto Parts Inc. Our process is simple and fast, and we handle all the paperwork for you, saving you time and aggravation.

Call RAW Auto Parts Inc. in Auburndale, FL at (863) 875-7518, and ask about selling your junk car or if you need a high-quality used auto part. ¡Se habla español! Or, visit us at 805 Old Winter Haven Rd, Auburndale, FL.