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Drive Shafts On CV Axles

Does your car vibrate when driving? Does it make a loud “clunking” or "clacking" noise? Is the clutch pedal spongy or sticky? If so, your drive shaft may be wearing out.

If you need a new driveshaft, RAW Auto Parts in Auburndale, Florida, can help. We sell high-quality used auto parts at discount prices and everything we sell comes with a 181 day guarantee.

Buy a used drive shaft for your vehicle in Lake Wales & Auburndale, FL

Common Drive Shaft Issues

The drive shaft helps you power down the road. When you shift the car into drive, it transfers torque and engine rotation into motion. There are different types of drive shafts (also called drivetrains): rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and front-wheel drive. A failing drive shaft can make it difficult to control the vehicle, and here are some red flags to watch for.

Vibrations and Shuddering: Excessive vibrations, especially when accelerating, can indicate drive shaft problems, which could be a worn-out U-joint or misaligned drive shaft.

Clunking or Squeaking Sounds: Unusual clunking, rattling, or squeaking noises from under the vehicle when accelerating, decelerating, or turning is a problem you must get checked out.

Difficulty Turning: If you experience difficulty or resistance when turning, it could be an issue with the CV joints.

When it’s time to replace the cv axle or driveshaft, call RAW Auto Parts. Our parts selection includes the Rear Drive Shaft, Front Drive Shaft for FWD, AWD and RWD vehicles.

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