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Quality Steering Columns

Maintaining your vehicle’s steering system is essential for performance and safety. Here are the most common signs your steering system is wearing out and how to fix it.

Replace your loose or damaged steering wheel in Lake Alfred & Auburndale, FLLoose Steering Wheel

A loose steering wheel is one of the most common problems, often caused by worn-out steering components. You might notice the steering wheel feels wobbly or has excessive play, which can be dangerous because it reduces your control over the vehicle.

Check the steering linkage for wear and tear, particularly the tie rod ends and ball joints. These components undergo a lot of stress from daily driving and replacing them typically resolves the issue. Also, be sure to check the steering column and ensure all bolts are tight.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Vibration in the steering wheel, especially when driving at higher speeds, points to wheel alignment or balance issues. Uneven tire wear or damaged suspension could also be the culprit.

Get your wheels balanced and aligned to see if this fixes the problem. If not, inspect the tires for uneven wear patterns and replace them. Check the suspension components, including the struts and shocks, and replace them if needed.

Difficulty Turning the Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel is hard to turn or is jerky, it could be a problem with the power steering system. This could be due to low power steering fluid, a failing power steering pump, or a worn-out serpentine belt.

First, check the power steering fluid and top it off if needed. If the fluid level is fine, inspect the steering pump and belt for signs of wear. Replacing the pump or belt should restore normal steering.

Steering Wheel Pulls to One Side

If the vehicle pulls to one side, it’s usually due to poor wheel alignment. Other possible causes include uneven tire pressure, worn suspension, or brake issues.

Take the vehicle to a mechanic and get the alignment checked and adjusted if necessary. Ensure all the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure. Inspect the suspension and replace any worn-out parts. Also, check the brakes for dragging calipers or uneven wear.

Noisy Steering

Unusual noises, such as squealing, whining, or clunking when turning the steering wheel, indicate issues with the power steering system.

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Check the power steering fluid and top off if necessary. If the noise persists, check the power steering pump and hoses for leaks.

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