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5 Tips for Buying a Used Cylinder Head

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve or fix your vehicle is to buy parts from a reputable used parts dealer. Raw Auto Parts has a large inventory of used car parts, including cylinder heads. The cylinder head is crucial for engine performance, but buying used comes with its own set of challenges. Here are five tips that can help you with your search.

Know Your Engine's Specs

Before beginning your search, it's vital to understand your specific engine's needs. Cylinder heads aren't universally compatible.Each engine type has distinct requirements, and a cylinder head must be chosen based on these precise specifications.

Knowing your vehicle's make, model, and engine code is crucial. This information will help you identify the cylinder head that matches your engine's configuration, like the combustion chamber shape, valve layout, and bolt pattern.

Purchasing an incompatible cylinder head can lead to significant engine damage or inefficiency. Taking these steps ensures optimal performance and longevity for your engine.


Buying a used Cylinder head in Auburndale, FL

Check for Cracks or Damage

If possible, inspect the cylinder head before buying. Look for signs of cracks, especially around the valve seats and between the valves—common stress points where cracks develop. Also, check for signs of previous repairs, like welding marks. If possible, perform or request a pressure test to ensure there are no internal cracks or leaks. A cylinder head with even minor visible damage can lead to serious engine problems.

Check for Warping

Overheating can cause a cylinder head to warp, compromising the head gasket seal and leading to engine failure. You can check for warping by using a straightedge and feeler gauge along the surface where the head meets the engine block. The maximum allowable warpage varies by engine, but generally, anything over 0.003 inches is cause for concern. Also, consider the cost of resurfacing if the warpage is minimal, but remember, this can affect the head's structure and longevity.

Evaluate the Condition

The valves and valve seats are integral to the cylinder head's performance, so it's crucial to check the components for damage and wear. Look for signs of burning, pitting, or uneven seating. Valve problems can significantly impair engine performance and could lead to costly repairs. Replacing valves and reconditioning seats can be expensive, so factor these potential costs into your budget.

Consider a Professional Assessment

If you're not mechanically savvy in evaluating engine components, hiring a professional mechanic to check the cylinder head is worth it. This can save money and aggravation by detecting problems someone with an untrained eye might miss.

Buying a used cylinder head requires careful inspection and consideration to ensure it fits your engine's specifications and is free from wear and tear or damage. If possible, get a professional assessment to ensure you're getting the best part that will work reliably.

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