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The Ins and Outs of Buying a Used Transmission

Repairing a transmission can be outrageously high. And if you have an older car, it may not even be worth it. In these cases, opting for a used transmission might be better than repairing the old one or buying a new car. However, buying a used transmission can be tricky, so here’s our detailed guide to help you make the best choice.

Understand the Need

Firstly, confirm whether you need a new transmission. Some symptoms like slipping gears, rough shifts, or unusual noises can sometimes be fixed with less extreme and costly repairs. Get a thorough diagnosis from a trusted mechanic, and don’t be afraid to get a second or third opinion before you commit to getting a new transmission.

Choose the Right Transmission

Transmissions aren’t universal, so you’ll have to find one that matches your vehicle’s make, model, and year. The vehicle identification number (VIN) will help when searching for compatible parts. This ensures the transmission you buy will fit and function correctly without additional modifications.

Where to Buy

There are several places to look for used transmissions: auto salvage yards, online retailers, rebuild shops, and used part specialists. Used part specialists and salvage yards tend to give you the best prices, rebuild shops can get you a transmission that’s been completely overhauled and reliable, and places like eBay are hit-and-miss.

Verify the Quality

If you find a suitable transmission, asking questions before buying is important. Questions include:

  • How many miles are on the transmission?
  • Was it salvaged from a vehicle that was in an accident?
  • Does it come with a warranty?

Prioritize transmissions that have been tested. Some sellers will let you see compression tests or provide documentation verifying the transmission’s condition.


Installing isn’t a DIY job for most people; it requires specific tools and expertise and should be done by a trained professional. You might be tempted here to save a few bucks and get a buddy who “knows about cars,” but an improperly installed transmission can cause poor performance, sluggish acceleration, and irreparable damage.

Weigh Cost vs. Benefit

Finally, weigh the cost of buying and installing a used transmission against the car’s value. If the overall cost is near or exceeds how much your car is worth, it might be better to invest in another vehicle.

Purchasing a used transmission can save you a significant amount of money versus buying a new one or a new car, giving your vehicle a new lease on life.

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If you’re looking for a used transmission or other high-quality used auto part, RAW Auto Parts Inc. has you covered. We’re a family-owned and operated, four-generation strong, used auto parts dealer in Auburndale, Florida. When it comes to auto parts, we’ve got them at discounted prices! Call us when you need transmissions, engines, alternators, starters, headlights, tail lights, used batteries, used tires, AC components, radiators, OGM stereo equipment, interior parts, auto body parts, auto suspension parts, auto drivetrain parts, valve cover, turbo-supercharger, cylinder head, oil pan, fan clutch, transfer case, front bumper, header panel, and more!

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