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Used Auto Parts

RAW Auto Parts is your go-to used auto parts company in Auburndale, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We’re a four-generation family company with years of experience and a staff dedicated to quickly getting you the part you need and providing the best customer service possible.

Here’s a brief list of some of our most sought-after parts.

Used alternators in Lakeland FL & Lake Alfred FL

Used Alternators

Alternators are a crucial vehicle component that charges the battery and powers the electrical system while your car is running. Buying a used alternator can save you significantly compared to a new one. Most used alternators from reputable dealers like RAW Auto Parts are tested, making them a viable, cost-effective replacement solution.

Highly rated used tires in Winter Haven FL & Bartow FL

Used Tires

Tires are another commonly sought-after used car part. When buying used tires, it’s important to check for adequate tread life and ensure there are no signs of visible damage like deep cuts or bulges. You can find new tires in nearly new condition, for example, if they come from a newer vehicle that’s been totaled in a wreck.

Wheels, rims and more in Winter Haven FL & Lake Wales FL

Used Rims

Whether you need to replace damaged rims or want to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance, used rims are a cost-effective solution over purchasing new ones. Inspect the rims for cracks or damage like scuffing, which could compromise the vehicle’s safety or looks.

Quality used car mirrors for sale in Lakeland FL & Lake Wales FL

Used Mirrors

Side and rearview mirrors are other parts that are damaged in wrecks. Like the other parts on our list, used mirrors are a more cost-effective option than buying new ones and may be the only option if you have an older vehicle where getting a new part is impossible.

Used speedometers and more in Lakeland FL & Haines City FL

Used Speedometer Cluster

If your vehicle’s dashboard is malfunctioning, a replacement speedometer cluster can be pricey if you want a new one. Used clusters are an excellent alternative, providing the same functionality and fitment without the steep cost.

Car light components in Winter Haven FL & Haines City FL

Used Headlights and Tail Lights

Fender benders are the most common accidents, and the front or rear of the vehicle usually takes the brunt of the damage. That means smashed head and tail lights. Unfortunately, modern head and tail lights, especially LED or HID lighting systems, can be extremely expensive when purchased new, so going the used route makes sense for many people. When buying used lights, check that they don’t have moisture buildup inside and that the covers and mounting system are included.

Used Starters

The starter is responsible for cranking the engine to start the car. Like alternators, starters are expensive when purchased new. Used starters, when sourced from a reliable supplier, provide the same performance as new ones at a fraction of the cost.

Purchasing Tips

When buying used car parts, it’s essential to source them from a reputable dealer, preferably locally, so you can inspect the parts yourself. Also, buying from a reputable dealer typically comes with a money-back guarantee or warranty if the part fails or doesn’t fit.

Call RAW Auto Parts

Whatever used auto part you need, we probably have it or can get it. Our used auto parts are tested and inspected and come with an 181-day guarantee. We proudly serve Winter Haven, FL; Auburndale, FL; Lakeland, FL; Lake Wales, FL; Haines City, FL; Bartow, FL; and the surrounding areas.

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