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What to Look For in a Used Engine

Buying a used engine is often a more cost-effective solution when you’re repairing or restoring a vehicle. However, there’s much to think about before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting a reliable motor. Here’s some tips.


The first, and most important thing to consider is whether the motor is compatible with your vehicle. Check the make and model and the engine’s configuration and any modifications you might need to do before installing it. Engine compatibility can impact installation and maintenance down the road.

Mileage and Age

Mileage is another critical factor to consider when buying a used engine. Lower mileage generally means less wear and tear, which can mean a longer lifespan.

However, you also have to consider how old the engine is. An old engine with low mileage might have sat unused for long periods of time, potentially leading to issues like dried-out seals or rust.

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Maintenance History

A well-maintained engine is likely to last longer and perform better. Request detailed maintenance records, including oil changes, part replacements, and any repairs or rebuilds. These records can tell you how well the engine was cared for and alert you to any issues it may have.

Visual Inspection

If possible, look carefully at the engine for signs of wear and tear, oil leaks, corrosion, or damaged parts. Check the engine block and head for cracks or welds, which can be red flags of internal damage. Also, check the belts, hoses, and gaskets to ensure they’re in good shape.

Oil Condition

The oil’s condition can tell you about the engine’s health. The oil should be relatively clean and not have a burnt smell. Dark, gritty, or metallic oil can indicate severe wear or internal damage. If possible, request an oil analysis to check for contaminants, which signal engine issues.

Compression Test

A compression test can also give you valuable information on the motor’s condition. This test measures the pressure inside the cylinders and can detect problems like worn piston rings or damaged valves. Consistent compression across all cylinders typically means the engine is healthy.

Cold Start

If possible, perform a cold start to check performance. A healthy engine should start quickly without excessive noise or smoke. Pay attention to to the exhaust — blue smoke can indicate burning oil, white smoke might suggest a coolant leak — both are potential signs of major issues.

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